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Xuzhou Huazhong Aluminium Co., Ltd is located in Xuzhou Yunlong Industrial Zone, at the confluence of Longhai railway and Beijing Shanghai railway, where the Jing-Fu Freeway and the Lian-Huo highway are passing through . Transportation is very convenient our company covers an area of 40 mu, building area of 70 thousand square meters. Our Company specializes in R & D, production, sales of various metal flux (refining agent, drossing agent, de- magnesium agent etc), metal additives (titanium tablet, manganese tablet, chromium tablet etc.) and various aluminum based master alloy (AlFe20,AlRE10,AlZr10, etc.), copper base alloy, casting aluminum alloy. Major customers for wire, cable, aluminum processing industry, as well as non-ferrous foundry industry. Over the years, the company's products not only cover all parts of the country, but also exported to Europe, America, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, is the industry's more well-known manufacturer.

The company has abundant technical force, advanced equipmen,and perfect modern control method.With 15000 tons of alloy production line, 24000 tons of agent production line and 12000 tons of additive production line .The company is Combined with scientific research institutions and Universities, relying on colleges and Universities, being based on enterprise, continue research and development of new products, increasing the technical factors. Excellent equipment,well-trained staffs,advanced testing equipment and The operation of ISO 9001:2000 quality system,which make sure product quality and customer satisfaction.

Huazhong’s people always with a heart of honest ,gratitude and enterprising,keep our feet on the ground and go ahead, create a better future together with you!