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Smokeless Refining Flux
Implementation standards:YS

Product description

Type :



White powder,granularity<20 mesh, Moisture <0.5%

Technical parameters:
1. Refining temperature: 700º C~740º C.
2. Refining time: 8~15 minutes (6~20ton furnace)
3. Use level 1~3kg for one ton aluminium

Use method:
Adding refining flux of required amount into refining tank and cover it properly, turn on the switch of refining tank and connect nitrogen gas. When refining flux is spraying out of refining iron tube, insert it into the furnace and move all around inside evenly for 2 or 3 times. When powder inside the tank is sprayed completely, first draw out the refining tube out of aluminium liquid, and then switch off nitrogen gas.
Main features:
1. High efficiency, 100% efficient composition.
2. Strong purifying capacity up to domestic advanced level.
3. Less pollution, small consumption and low cost.

Packaging and storage:

2.5~10kg/ bag,20~50kg/carton or box. Be stored in a dry and ventilated place.