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Magnesium removal agent
Implementation of standards:YS

Product description

By use of powder spraying machine, spray de-magnesium flux into aluminium melt bath with high purity nitrogen. The sprayed de-magnesium flux powder will react with magnesium in alloy chemically to float the reactant on the surface of aluminium liquid so as to realize magnesium removal.

Main features:
1. It will remove excessive magnesium content in aluminium alloy effectively.
2. It has relatively excellent refining result.

Use method;
The use method is the same as with that of refining flux.

Technical parameters:
1. Temperature for charging: 710º C-740º C.
2. Time: 10-15 minutes (6-20 ton furnace)
3. Nitrogen pressure: 1.2-1.8kg/mm2
4. Use level: De-magnesium flux shall be added at 4-6: 1 According to de-magnesium quantity.

Packaging and storage:
It is 10kg for each package and 30kg for each box, which shall be stored in a dry place and ventilated place. The storage period is one year if plastic bag are not damaged. It can be further used when it is ground into powder and dried under the temperature of 100º C.