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Furnace cleaning agent
Implementation standards:YS

Product description

Type: HZ-QL


White powder,granularity<20 mesh, Moisture <0.5%


Principle and function:
Since the die-casting furnace has been used for long time without being cleaned in time, a lot of clinkers are accumulated on melting furnace wall and bottom, which will reduce aluminium capacity and melting efficiency and increase die casting cost.
The conventional furnace cleaning method is to stop the furnace and cool down for a period of time, then break the clinker down with steel bar and other hard tool, which has high intensity of labor and is liable to damage melting furnace, so it is a way of no choice.
The new type furnace cleaning flux produced by our plant contains a large quantity of matter which will protect the furnace and remove the accumulated slag easily.

Use method:
After metal liquid is tapped, reheat the furnace till it turns into dark red colour, spray some furnace cleaning furnace by powder spraying cylinder. After reacting for 3-5 minutes, skim the accumulated slag with a rake. For thicker slag, repeat for 2 or 3 times and remove the slag completely.

Technical parameters:
Temperature>800º C.

Use level:
It depends on thickness of slag on furnace wall.

Technical indexes:
Moisture<1.0%, Grains size-18mesh.

Packaging and storage:
It is 2.5kg for each package and 25kg for each box, which shall be stored in a dry place and ventilated place. The storage period is one year if plastic bag are not damaged. It can be further used when it is ground into powder and dried under the temperature of 100º C.