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Titanium tablet
Model:20Ti, 75Ti
Implementation of standards:YS

Product description

Function& application:

dark grey cylinder, it is used for melting and casting, to adjust the Ti content in the alloy, is the best material to instead of Al –Ti alloy. Suitable for non-ferrous metal plate, belt, foil, profile, rod, wire and cable and non-ferrous alloy preparation, etc.


0.5-1.0kg/tablet, efficiency above 95%


1.It can be directly added to the melting furnace and better to use before refining , molten aluminum temperature required: 730-750 °C 

2.Make an analysis about metal element on alloy before use, calculate inputs of additive according to demand and additive yield rate. 

3.Removal off the packing, put the additive into the molten alloy evenly , close the furnace door and keep 20-30 minutes, and then stirring for 10 minutes and deslagging.

4. Secondly, adjusting temperature, 10 minutes later, stirring completely again, refining for 15 minutes and deslag to get needed alloy.

Package and conservation

2Kg/Bag, 20Kg/Box, 1000Kg/Pallets.

Keep in ventilated and dry environment.

Guarantee period 12 moths.

Gather package and dispose, no burning inside stove